Our journey to Ngororero  District  has brought us to the home of Bamporineza Jean de  Dieu,  a  resident  of  Ngororero  District, Nyange  Sector,  Gaseke  Cell  in  Ngobagoba Village.


Bamporineza   who   lost   his   sight   in   1978, explains that before being supported by RUB he lived a life that he felt was meaningless. However, after   starting   to   receive   RUB support service including attending various courses meant for Persons with Visual impairment, his life started to change.


Commenting on the importance of the white cane   towards   improved   living   condition, Bamporineza said “The white cane helps me because it prevents me from falling into the potholes, and also when I have it, it gives me safety especially when I am walking on a busy road.”


“This white cane is like the eye for the blind. I compare it to the eye and to life, when you have it, it allows you to walk and get out of loneliness.” He testifies.


“The scars that you can see on my legs were due to the difficult life that I was living without  white  cane.  I  used  to  fall  and  get injured.

However,  I  continued  to  struggle  because  I wanted  to  learn  to  live  with  my  disability.”  He said.


He goes back to the time when he used a wooden stick and found that it really did not give respect to the user, and most of the time it was very likely to cause accidents. He says that in the past,   a   person   with   visual   impairment   was someone portrayed as a beggar. “Now you can notice that a person with visual impairment having received RUB training, will not go to the market to beg for sweet potatoes because that habit has become obsolete.”


Returning to his role in the development of his family   with   the   support   of   a   white   cane, Bamporineza says that for example he is able to earn some money from his work and can rent a land for his wife to farm and even pay for farmers to help her. “And with the help of a white cane,   I   can   perform   home   chores   such   as cooking, cleaning or washing clothes. As well, the white cane guides me when I am drawing water, and so on.” Bamporineza affirmed.


“When  you  don’t  have  a  white  cane,  leaving home is hard and difficult for you, but when you have it, you go with no worries. And if someone tries  to  abuse  you,  when  taken  to  court,  he  is severely punished because it is obvious that he/she has attacked a person with visual impairment, and this is to emphasize the rights of persons with disabilities.  Bamporineza highlights the great importance for all persons with visual impairment to be given a white cane.

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