As we continued to visit those who are visually impaired and have had the opportunity to get a white cane, they confirmed that a lot has changed in their lives because this cane is considered a tool that leads to the development of the users and their families.


We  have  also  visited  Ms  Dunia  Anathalie,  from Remera Sector, Musanze District and her story is promising as she says: “When I go to the market to shop, I use my white cane, and going to the Health Centre, I use it as well. In real life, it helps me a lot, like when I go out into the country to look for merchandise.


“This cane is very important because it helps me in my development.” Dunia revealed

She asserted that before she used to rely on a wooden stick that could hurt her in case it was broken.


However, this time, Dunia says she is able to cope with domestic issues with the help of the white cane.


“When I’m at home in a familiar place I don’t have to use it, but when I walk down the street I take it,” she says.


“The  place  where  I  live  is  on  steep  hills,  so without this white cane I would not be able to go down. I really can’t leave home without this white cane because it’s providing much help in my life.” She added


Dunia continues to say that before she got the white cane she was in a bad situation because it was difficult for her to go and find food for her family.

Before I got it, I was always struggling to go to work to cater for my basic needs. Finding clothes was very difficult. For sure life was difficult. But now I grab it and go to do my business and get food and clothes.” Dunia explained.


Aside from the fact that the white cane helps people with visual impairment in their daily activities, they also believe that the person who holds this cane feels safe and confident, and that he or she feels cared for.


Like everyone else, Dunia also requests that if means  are  available,  other  persons  with  visual impairment be given white canes, as they are an important  tool  for  daily  mobility.  She  also  adds that it is the right of every Rwandan to be independent and have access to easy mobility.


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