About Our Organization

Wisdom is our dignity

Rwanda Union of the Blind (RUB) is a local non-governmental organization legally operating in Rwanda since 1995.

RUB was created in August 1994 by visually impaired persons themselves and was officially registered in March 1995.

It is registered with Rwanda Governance Board under registration number 60/05 of 16/03/1995 to work towards the improvement of the living conditions of persons with visual impairment in Rwanda.

RUB’s activities aim at improving the living conditions of persons with visual impairment trough advocacy, promoting the education of children with visual impairment, capacity development of members and rehabilitation program/service.

Since its foundation, RUB has strengthened and extended the scope of its activities by establishing branches in almost all districts of the country.

Currently, RUB has 64 well-established branches in 30 districts with primary beneficiaries being Persons with visual impairment and their families.

It has about 2800 members across the country with its headquarters in Kigali City, Nyarugenge District, Muhima Sector on Poid -Lourds Road.

All of RUB branches are administered by visually impaired people and focus mainly on promoting income-generating projects and advocacy at local level.

RUB envisages having a situation where all necessary services for people with visual impairment are provided as a right of the individual and all eye problems are diagnosed and treated in good time.

RUB hope to see education and employment opportunities as well as all other welfare services being as available to those who are visually impaired as they are to all other citizens.

To achieve its mission of improving the living conditions of persons with visual impairment in Rwanda, RUB assist its members to come out of isolation and to improve their economic status by setting up various programs including that of rehabilitation,  providing small scale advocacy fund through their local associations to support their advocacy and awareness raising efforts locally.

RUB promotes the rights of people with vision impairment through advocacy assistance, education and outreach work to build the Rwandan society awareness and support for inclusion.

Its members are supported in a wide range of situations, including cases where they have been denied their right to education, to work, to live independently, to access a good standard of healthcare and to enjoy participating in family and community life.

RUB is a member of the national Union of Disabilities organizations of Rwanda (NUDOR), a member of the Umbrella of Persons with Disabilities in Fight against HIV and AIDs and in Health Promotion (UPHLS).

It is also affiliated to the African Union of the Blind (AFUB) and the World Blind Union (WBU).

Join us in improving lives of the visually Impaired persons