Rwanda Union of the blind (RUB) realized that it was necessary to provide training for Blind people to help them reintegrate themselves into the society. With assistance from the Swedish Handicap International Aid, now called MYRIGHT, in the year 2000 RUB established a centre for rehabilitation training located at Masaka sector, Kicukiro District in Kigali city. The centre is called MASAKA Resource Centre for the Blind (MRCB). Blind people are admitted at the centre from all over the country and they receive various forms of training for a period of six month, free of charge.

After this, some of them go home to resume normal life in the community, some rejoin schools and continue with the education while others return to their jobs or find new jobs.

The MRCB is the only centre in the country providing rehabilitation training for adults’ blind people.

It provides training in Orientation and Mobility, Activities of Daily living, Braille Literacy, Farming or Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

With these skills, a blind person can comfortably join the mainstream society in a rural setting.


The mission is to work towards the improvement of the situation of blind people through education and rehabilitation. To facilitates meaningful equality and integration.


Center for Excellency


Orientation and mobility
Sport and Leisure
Reading and writing in Braille
Activities of Daily living skills (ADL)
Agriculture and animal husbandry

The rehabilitation course is done over a period of six months with a one month break after their first three month. The centre conduct follow up visits to see how the trainees are applying what they learnt and to encourage them to practice the skills.


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Masaka Resource Centre for the Blind

Contacts: P.O Box 1527 Kigali Rwanda e-mail: masakarcb2@yahoo.com Tel: +2500783541044