About RUB Membership

The Organization is made of founder members, ordinary members, associate members and honorary members. Ordinary members are those who are accepted after a written application by the General Assembly. The founder and ordinary members are referred to as effective members of the organisation with equal rights and duties.


Ordinary Members are committed to take an active part in all activities of the organization. They shall participate in General Assembly meetings with a deliberative role. They shall pay an obligatory membership fee as established by the General Assembly. Membership applications shall be addressed to the President of the association who will then submit them to the General Assembly for approval.


A person may cease to be a member by death, by resignation, expulsion by the General Assembly, or by the dissolution of the association.


The resignation may be addressed by a written letter to the President of the association.

The expulsion is declared on third quarter of the vote at the General assembly and imposed to a member who fails to conform with the Association’s constitution. 


Membership to RUB is clearly described above. However, individuals who have no affiliation to any local association/branch shall directly apply to the Executive committee and the Executive committee shall submit these requests to the general assembly. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall confer provisional membership prior to the next general assembly.


Thought it’s an important to become a member of RUB, it is not an obligation. It is a self-willing.



We also accept Volunteers