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RUB seeks support to buy Orbit Reader Devices for Visually Impaired learners in Rwanda

While Classes are reopening after several days of the end of the year holidays, some of the Learners with visual impairment in Rwanda continue to have difficulty in finding learning materials that help them study in an efficient and productive way .

Recently, the Rwanda Union of the Blind and Rwanda Basic Education Board with the support from Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa have introduced an Orbit Reader 20 device to enable learners with visual impairment have access to digital and Inclusive Education.

Some of the students who were lucky enough to have access to the Orbit Reader believe that this assistive technology device is important because it has made it easier for learners with visual impairment to follow and access the educational content in a more efficient and convenient way.

 As explained RUB, the device is an affordable and quality device for quality and affordable basic education for visually impaired learners.

With the use of the Orbit Reader 20, learners no longer need those huge braille books, whereby they are heavy and not easy to navigate. The student are able to save their work in the ORBIT READER 20, because it comes with an SD card

For this device, It also means that the visually impaired employees or workers or even teachers, can be able to type their information through the Orbit and easily exchange with their sighted colleagues sighted people .

However, the main challenge that RUB would like to bring to the attention of the well wishers is that there aren’t enough Orbit Reader 20 devices available right now because learners have to share one device or wait for others to use them so that they can also have access to it which continues to affect their education.

The Orbit Reader  device  costs between $ 750 and $ 900. 75 Orbit Reader 20 have already been donated to 5 pilot schools of the blind through a partnership initiative between RUB and the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa and 10 teachers were trained on the use of these Orbit Reader 20 to transfer the skills to other teachers and learners in their respective schools.

In this Context, RUB would like to request your support so that learners with Visual Impairment can have access to Orbit Reader 20 which will enhance the quality of education and improve their educational outcome.

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