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Rwanda Union of the Blind conducted a sensitization workshop on Marrakesh Treaty

Kigali: On May 17th, 2023, the Rwanda Union of the Blind organized an enlightening workshop on the Marrakesh Treaty. The event was attended by various copyright holders, including book writers, publishers, poets, songwriters, and promoters.

The Marrakesh Treaty is an international agreement that allows for the creation of accessible formats of copyrighted works without the need for permission from the copyright holder. This treaty is particularly important for visually impaired individuals who rely on accessible formats such as braille, audio books, and large print to access information.

During the workshop, participants were informed about the importance of the Marrakesh Treaty and how it can benefit visually impaired individuals. They also learned about the legal requirements for creating accessible formats and the procedures for obtaining permission from copyright holders.

The Rwanda Union of the Blind plays a vital role in promoting the rights of visually impaired individuals in Rwanda. By organizing workshops such as this one, they are helping to ensure that copyright laws are not a barrier to access to information for visually impaired persons.

The Marrakesh Treaty is a significant milestone in promoting accessibility to information for visually impaired persons. The Rwanda Union of the Blind has shown great leadership in conducting this sensitization workshop, and we hope that more copyright holders in Rwanda will embrace the Marrakesh Treaty. 

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