Rwanda Union of the Blind Receives Generous Donation of White Canes from NCBA Rwanda in Partnership with MTN

Kigali, Rwanda – The Rwanda Union of the Blind (RUB) expressed their heartfelt gratitude to NCBA Rwanda for their donation of 50 white canes. This generous contribution will greatly support visually impaired persons in their day-to-day activities.

In a partnership with MTN Rwanda, the RUB has been working tirelessly to ensure that persons with visual impairments have access to essential tools and resources. Recognizing the limited capacity of some Visually Impaired Persons (VIPs) to afford white canes, this year, during the ‘Dinner in the Dark event’ MTN Rwanda pledged to mobilize approximately 500 white canes to be distributed to those in need.

As part of this significant initiative, NCBA Rwanda stepped forward and made a valuable contribution by donating 50 white canes to the RUB on Wednesday. The donation was received with great appreciation by the RUB officials, who emphasized the importance of such support for the visually impaired community.

White canes are essential for individuals with visual impairments as they provide a sense of independence and safety while navigating their surroundings. These canes help individuals detect obstacles, curbs, and steps, allowing them to move around with confidence and ease.

The RUB aims to enhance the quality of life for visually impaired persons by providing them with the necessary tools and advocating for their rights. The generosity shown by NCBA Rwanda and MTN Rwanda in supporting this cause is commendable and aligns with the RUB’s mission.

Talking to the NCBA representative  during the handover activity, the Executive Director of the RUB, Dr. Donatilla Kanimba, expressed her gratitude and stated, “We are incredibly grateful to NCBA Rwanda and MTN Rwanda for their commitment to improving the lives of visually impaired individuals. This donation of white canes will empower our community members to move freely and independently, ultimately enhancing their overall well-being.”

NCBA Rwanda Head of Corporate Banking Diane Mukunde honored the Bank’s pledge to donate 50 white canes to the blind in support of Rwanda Union of the Blind in partnership with MTN!

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