The Rwanda Union of the Blind Thanks USAID for Unwavering Support!

USAID Tunoze Gusoma, a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) project aimed at improving literacy instruction for children, has donated various devices to five inclusive model schools in Rwanda, including HVP Gatagara Rwamagana. The devices, which include the Orbit Reader 20, projectors, smart feature phones, and laptops, are intended to support quality inclusive literacy instruction for children with disabilities.

A special event took place at HVP Gatagara Rwamagana, where some of the donated devices were officially delivered. The ceremony was attended by USAID’s Senior Education Specialist, Dr. Catherine Hooneyman, who was accompanied by the Chief of Party for USAID Tunoze Gusoma, Dr. Vincent M. Mugisha. Education officials from Rwamagana were also present at the event.

During the ceremony, participants had the opportunity to observe a Kinyarwanda lesson for blind learners. This firsthand experience allowed them to witness the impact of the donated devices on the education of visually impaired students. The devices provided by USAID Tunoze Gusoma are expected to enhance the learning experience for these students, enabling them to access educational resources more effectively.

The Rwanda Union of the Blind expressed special gratitude to USAID for their continuous support to learners with visual impairment. 

The organization highlighted the importance of these donations, as they provide access to success for visually impaired students. 

By equipping schools with devices such as the Orbit Reader 20, projectors, smart feature phones, and laptops, USAID Tunoze Gusoma is ensuring that all children, regardless of their disabilities, have the opportunity to receive a quality education.

The impact of inclusive education on students with disabilities cannot be overstated.

 It not only promotes equal opportunities for all students but also fosters a more inclusive and tolerant society. Through initiatives like USAID Tunoze Gusoma, barriers to education are being dismantled, and children with disabilities are being empowered to reach their full potential.

The donation of these devices is just one step in the journey towards inclusive education for all. 

The efforts of USAID Tunoze Gusoma and other organizations working towards this goal are commendable, and their commitment to improving the lives of children with disabilities is truly inspiring. 

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